Transitions Tab

Transitions are the actions that move content from one state in the workflow to another. From the transitions tab it's possible to add new transitions, and rename and delete existing transitions.

The list of existing transitions also displays a summary of each transition's title, description, destination state, trigger, guards, and action box entry. You can click through each transition to access their details.

Within a transition's properties tab you can set the title, and a collection of properties the define the transtion's behaviour, as follows:

Destination state
selected from all the states defined in the states tab. A transition can remain in state, which is useful for a reviewer adding comments to the review history, but not taking any action, updating some variable, or invoking scripts.

Trigger type - There are two types:

Scripts - Perform complicated behaviours either before or after the transition takes place. Scripts of all kinds are defined in the workflow's scripts tab. Scripts called from here must accept only one argument; a status_change object. See Expressions for more details.

Guards and Action boxes
See the "Guards" and "Action Boxes" sections for specific details about those fields. Note that automatic transitions don't need the action box fields to be filled out.

What the action should link to.

In the transition's variables tab, you can add, change and delete variables that you want to assign a value to, when the transition is executed. The available variables are set in the workflow's variables tab, and the value is a TALES expression (see Expressions for more details).